CORE: Character and Environment with Betse Green

Duration: 1 class session

Tuition: $250.00

7 Classes (May 9th - June 27th) *There will be no class on Wednesday May 30th for the Memorial Day holiday week.
7:00 - 9:30 pm
1 Performance on Sunday, June 24th

ATTENTION: Our class minimum is 6 people. Some classes may need to be smooshed together, if so, we'll ask if you can make the other date of the class and move you over. If you can't move to another date then we will refund your tuition and inform you the week before.

LOCATION: Your classes will be held at the Boys and Girls Club across the street from Curious Comedy Theater except on Weds. June 6th. The location for that night is TBD.

In this class you will explore the improvisational storytelling principles of Characterization and Environment which include playing with point of view, physicality, how to build the space, finding the game, heightening, status and more. Learn how to make strong choices for yourself and hold on to them while supporting the choices made by your scene partner.

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