The Rhythm of the Scene with Asaf Ronen

Duration: 1 class session

Tuition: $40.00

How we are with each other defines who we are to each other. That can define the scene. Using some clowning and organic improv techniques, students will learn to give up all sense of narrative in favor of listening to the heartbeat of the scene, the rhythm of the routine that is being established. The end results will be in many cases odd and/or delightful and populated with huge amounts of subtext and character depth that can come from no other source.

Asaf Ronen is the Education Director of The Institution Theater where he also regularly performs, teaches and produces. He has also taught and performed improvisation in Canada, Great Britain, Norway and in twenty-eight of these United States with such groups as the B. Iden Payne Award winning Confidence Men (improvised plays in the style of David Mamet) and imp (mostly silent improv). He was also producer on TRUST US, THIS IS ALL MADE UP, a documentary on legendary improvisers TJ & Dave that premiered at Austin’s South by Southwest Festival in 2009. He is the author of Directing Improv: Show the Way By Getting Out of the Way. In 2000, Asaf worked with Cirque du Soleil as a scout for improvisational talent.

Sunday May 20th 12pm-3pm. Located at the Boys and Girls Club across the street from Curious Comedy Theater.

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