Scene Diagnostic with Joe Bill

Duration: 1 class session

Tuition: $40.00

In this workshop you will do lots of scenes, LOTS of them! We’ll warm up with short scenes and then we’ll start looking at scenes through this progression of ideas:

1) How did the scene begin? (The First 5/15/30 seconds)

2) What is available to help you forward the scene, the dialogue, the rhythm & tone, the emotion, the action.

3) What are the patterns and what is the scene about?

4) Recognizing the clues in the beginning that help you find the ending.

5) HOW are YOU present in the scene, from beginning through the middle and to the end.

I’ll touch on techniques from different approaches to Improvisation and give some personal feedback about tendencies I see. I’ll also share ideas to help you purposely break out of unproductive habits and into inspiration, focus and fun.

This class will be located at the Blazer's Boys & Girls Club (5250 NE MLK BLVD), across the street from Curious Comedy Theater.

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