The Game of the Scene with Brandon Gardner

Duration: 1 class session

Tuition: $50.00

This three hour workshop will introduce the concept of The Game of the Scene, the central component of UCB’s approach to long form improv. Through exercises and scene work students will come away with a knowledge of how to recognize the first funny or unusual thing in a scene and then heighten and explore it to give their scenes a clear comedic focus. This workshop is appropriate both for people with no experience with Game and those who are looking to deepen their understanding.

Instructor Bio:

Brandon taught and performed at UCB NY from 2007 to 2016 where he helped develop the training center curriculum and created the Improvised Play performance class. Brandon was a member of the UCB TourCo All-Stars and taught workshops all over the world including in London, Berlin, Helsinki and Montreal. His last few years in NY he also served as the Performance Director for UCB's Touring Company and helped oversee UCB's Harold Night. Two years ago Brandon realized winter was an optional season and relocated to Los Angeles where he continues to teach, write and perform.

March 25th 12pm-3pm

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