Level 2: Scene Work Skill Building

Duration: 1 class session

Tuition: $215.00

7 Classes (November 8 - December 20)
7:30 - 9:30 pm
1 Performance on Sunday, December 17th

ATTENTION: Our class minimum is 6 people. Some classes may need to be smooshed together, if so, we'll ask if you can make the other date of the class and move you over. If you can't move to another date then we will refund your tuition and inform you the week before.

After grasping the fundamentals from Level A, your next step lies in the nitty-gritty of improv: scene work. Level B introduces longer scenes into play and lets you explore characters, scene progressions, and basic longform formats. You also receive more specific individual diagnostics, feedback, and challenges throughout the class. Scene work skill-building is the perfect practice for those intending to perform improv as well as actors looking to improve their range and ability to play in the moment.

Skills covered in the class include: Two-person Scene Work, Personal Monologues, Scene Etiquette, Character Development, Strengthening Individual Weaknesses, Identifying Individual Strengths, Acting In The Moment, Scene Rhythms, and Performance Skills.

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